Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Curvy Bella of The Day - Gloria J. Hughes

The Curvealicious Chronicles had the opportunity to sit down with Gloria J. Hughes. She is one super intelligent curvy who has it going on! Gloria is passionate about life and one amazing woman!


What is your name and what do you do?
My name is Gloria Jean Hughes and I am a Research Chemist.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about life, living it to the fullest and being a good steward over all things given to me. As the mother of two boys ages 19 and 18, I am also passionate about raising them to become intelligent, strong, loving and kind black men. They are well on their way. I am also passionate about bringing more African American and minority women into the world of science.

What are your goals and dreams?
My biggest dream is to create drugs that would eradicate diabetes, cancer, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's! Some of my goals include striving to live a life pleasing to God (life time journey). To become one of two Female African American Lead Research Chemists in my company and open a gourmet bake shop! More importantly to be kind and live in peace with those around me.

What words of advice can you offer curvy bella's in pursuit of their dreams?
My advice to fellow curvy bella's in pursuing their dreams is to never conform to defeat! Never let what others say about you in a mean spirited way penetrate your person. Take constructive criticism in stride. Stay focused and believe in yourself because when you do, everyone else will too! Walk with your head up!

What sage words of advice can you give 'curvy's' about being comfortable
in their skin?
Some sage words of advice for my curvy's about being comfortable in their own skin are; be strong, intelligent, sexy, confident, savvy, beautiful and happy! Rock those curves!!

As a curvy what are your fashion do's and what are your fashion don't?
Spanx, spanx and more spanx is one of my fashion do's. They are expensive but worth the investment. Never wear something form fitting without them. A good bra is a must also. My biggest fashion don't is stockings and sandals! Drives me nuts! The only exception are elderly women!!

Where can everyday curvy's on a budget find fashions that flatter their
To a lot of curvy's surprise, Macy's, Nordstrom and Lord Taylor have some fabulous fashion saves. You have to take your time and look through the racks though. One on a budget can also find some cute and flattering clothes at Simply Fashion, Rainbow and Dots. I found some really pretty and feminine sun dresses long and short at these stores. That's all I wore this summer with sexy wedges and sandals

What is 'next' for you?
What's next for me? Ummmmm only God knows!! But in the meantime I'm going to be the best Gloria I can be for and to those in my personal and professional

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Natural Hair is...A Major Media Company Seems to Think NOT SO Beautiful?!

Yesterday I was on the Doris New York Facebook Page: and saw a rather disturbing I called Marlene Duperley who is one of the owners for the scoop.

Part of the brands marketing strategy for fall 2011 was to launch a regional 'Back to Our Roots' (see photo on the left) campaign with a Billboard in Brooklyn, NY and Bus Advertising in NYC. When Doris New York submitted the artwork to a Major Media Company in NYC for the Billboard they were allegedly advised that the content might in some way be offensive to a religious institution across the street from where the Billboard is located. Hmmm...offensive in what way? In my opinion it is neither lewd nor is it graphic...could it be that it is 'too ethnic'?

Doris New York also submitted the artwork to a Major Media Company prior to submitting the contract for the Bus Advertising Campaign and as of yesterday afternoon they have not heard a word from them.

Is an image depicting two beautiful women of color rocking GORGEOUS natural hair too...'ethnic'? I think not. The Natural Hair movement is about embracing the beautify that we were born with, not adhering to the media's standard of beauty and rediscovering who we are on every level.

As a curvy curly I can tell you that I struggled for years on fad diet after fad diet to fit the media's standard of beauty, I also relaxed, texlaxed, texturized, blow dried, and flat ironed every curl on my head trying to fit that same standard of beauty. Now that I am older what I want is to be healthy from my hair down to my toes, I embrace my curves and my definition of natural beauty is loving myself just the way that I am.

The Major Media Company may not be interested in advertising from Doris New York with this campaign but I am very interested in spending my dollars with a company that creates amazing products for my tresses and celebrates my heritage and the beauty of my coils and my curls.

For info on Doris New York:

Just a Curvy Girl Living in her Self Proclaimed Curvy World

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Curvy Likes to Eat: A Review of Delta's Restaurant in NJ

So this is the thing with me and food...I am a cook...not a professionally trained cook...but a cook nonetheless.

You see I was one of those little girls that wanted to be in the kitchen with the 'grown' women folk. And the ladies on the weekend were always cooking. I picked up most of my 'skills' while eavesdropping on the conversations that were happening around me and observing my mom, my nana, and on summer trips 'down south' to visit my grandma.

I cook a range of dishes, I am a self professed Food Network-A-Holic, and I make the 'meanest' drop biscuits this side of the Mason Dixon Line. I am a foodie and I really don't go to many Soul Food restaurants because frankly I enjoy mine better. It is hard for me to spend $15 on crab cakes and be served 'a' crab cake with more bread than crab and REALLY hard for me to spend $6,$7 or more on a side of mac n'cheese that does not ooze with that ooey gooey deliciousness that mine does...#iamjustsaying.

This past weekend I went to Delta's in NJ and WOW was I impressed!!

As we entered I noted that the decor was beautiful, tasteful, and very well done, the hostess greeted us warmly and we were seated immediately, and the waiter came over to take our drink order right away.

Ok so they had me 'at hello'...

I ordered the fried catfish strips for an appetizer, they arrived promptly and were golden and crispy. For my entree I ordered fried chicken, mac n'cheese, and greens...everything was absolutely delish. And then I had to...really I did...order desert, I was not disappointed I had the lemon jello cake, a lemon sponge cake that was moist and absolutely scrumptious. Portion size...put it this way I had food for the next day.

Delta's I wil be back!!! Just not too frequently as I am trying to keep the curves 'licious!

For info on Delta's (be sure to check out their many entertainment offerings):

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thought of The Day

Be generous in giving rather than taking.

~ Deepak Chopra

Curvy Bella of The Day - Anna Holder

The Curvealicious Chronicles had the opportunity to sit down with the stunning Anna Holder. One of the first things I noticed about Anna was...her hair...she has stunning curls which suit her incredibly vibrant personality perfectly! She has found her passion, is a wealth of information and remains curvetastic while doing 'it all'.


Tell us about your work and about Centered Birth?
I founded Centered Birth Shortly after the birth of my daughter. It amazed and saddened me how many new and veteran moms alike were dissatisfied with their prenatal care and birth experiences. I found there was a lack of education and support for women and their families during this time in their life. I wanted to create a space where families could receive professional support and education from pre-conception through parenting in addition to support from other families on the same journey.

What led to your decision to become a Certified Lactation Counselor and Certified Childbirth Educator? What can you tell other curvy bella’s hoping to pursue a career in that field?
Knowing the struggles I faced throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding experience I was so glad for great books and resources, but found there were not many qualified people I could talk to. Everyone has advice for soon to be and new mothers, but not everyone is qualified to give it. I knew the best way to educated and support moms was to become Certified in these fields. I am currently a BirthWorks Certified Childbirth Educator CCE(BWI) as well as their ambassador for the Tri-State area. In addition, I am a certified lactation counsler(CLC) in the process of becoming internationally board certified as well as a natural family planning counselor(CNFPC). My advice to other bellas who are interested in pursuing one or all of these fields is to explore their options, their are many respected and accredited programs in the country as well as many non-accredited. Find a path that is closest to your ideals and passions and go for it. it is a big commitment( most Childbirth education programs are a two year process) but so worth it.

What are three solid pieces of advice you wish someone had shared with you before you gave birth?
1) it is YOUR BODY ,YOUR BABY ,YOUR BIRTH. know what you want and what you don't want and why. Many moms don't realize that they are in the drivers seat and have not only the ability but the legally protected right to have truly informed consent and truly informed refusal.
2)you can handle anything a minute at a time!
3) birth can be the most empowering experience in your life!

What gives you the greatest satisfaction in your work?
I love the pictures of all the new babies! More than that I love having moms share their birth stories with me. it is amazing to be part of such an intimate journey with a family and so rewarding when they have satisfying birth experiences.

What advice would you give new moms for getting their 'sexy' back after giving birth?
BREASTFEED! BREASTFEED! BREASTFEED! Producing breast milk burns anywhere from 500-900 calories a day. when you add a good sensible diet of nutrient rich food( and a few treats of course) as well as talking walks with your new one the weight comes off much faster. it is important that moms realize it took 10 months to put on so be kind to yourself and take 10 months to take it back off.You will lose the weight but your hips will never be the same( this is a good thing) my post baby body is 20 pounds lighter than before I got pregnant and I have more curves!!!

What are the essentials that breastfeeding moms need in their baby bags?
Water for mom, you will be thirsty! A great natural nipple cream I love Earth Mama Angel Baby(many babes can be allergic to lanolin and it forms a barrier that needs to be wiped off prior to nursing rather than soothing and protecting). a good book, this is one of the few times you will have 20 minutes to sit quietly and relax, so take advantage!

What are some suggestions you have for breast feeding moms as they prepare to return to work?
Prepare in advance. sadly maternity leave isn't as long as it should be, but I see many moms who wait until the week before they plan on returning to start pumping and preparing and then encounter problems. it is always wise to start pumping and storing milk early on so you have a supply for returning to work, going out of town, illness etc. Newly passed Laws will now require health insurance plans to cover breastfeeding support so EVERY mom should find a qualified lactation professional to help them with creating a plan that works for their family and schedule.

Tell us how you balance being a mom with running your business?
The upside of running your own business is that you can bring your baby to work with you. I make it a point to turn work off when I am home. Because I do get moms calling me in early labor and late at night with breastfeeding issues, it can be difficult at times( summer is always busy) thankfully my daughter loves babies and because I deal with moms and families they understand the need for balance.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
I hope that more families realize they can have an enjoyable birth experience and realize there are many options. I want to offer culturally relevant education and support to as many families as possible.

What else would you like to tell us?

It is not uncommon for me to barter for classes or Lactation Support. I don't believe cost should be prohibited and as such I am having my apt cleaned, as well as, gourmet meals made for me. there are some truly talented mamas in the area. for those of you in the new York City area on Labor day, I will be performing in the 5th anniversary of Birth: a play ( by Karen Brody. this play is a great look into birth in this country from planned and scheduled c-sections to home births and Vbacs! Many prominent figures in the birth and maternal health community will be there. it will also be web cast for free for those unable to attend.

What is your contact info for people interested in booking an appointment with you?
I give everyone a free consultation. In-home classes and Lactation appointments are available as early as next day. I also do in-home appointments in Dutchess, Putnam, Orange and Ulster counties.

Centered Birth

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I chose to go 'Au Naturelle'...Because Going Bald Was Never Really An Option!

I was chatting on the phone yesterday with a new 'curlfriend' and we started to talk about my transition...I had a routine...I knew what worked on my creamy crackified hair, drugstore products were fine, I had zero knowledge of ingredients and the less I knew the know ignorance is bliss.

I had been 'softening' for awhile then my hairdresser who I loved and adored moved to another state...mmm hmm the nerve of her. This woman had cared for Luscious Lola aka my hair for over 15 years, she knew my hair, we were in hair love, or so I thought...until she left me.

So then I was faced with the 'challenge' of trying to find a new hair stylist and we ALL know how difficult that can be. I've had numerous one hair stands over the last few years and then finally I decide to end my cheating ways and commit...I wanted to make it official...I wanted to let the world know I had found the one and dye fiasco of epic proportions...and let's just say that I was surprised to have any hair left on my head and thus I decided that transitioning was the only option...go natural or go bald...and personally I think I am way cuter with hair on my head.

So 16 months ago I made the more creamy the interim I have probably purchased every single product in the free world. You won't know until you try it right?! My natural curlfriends are always excited to see me...I tend to whip some product out of my purse to pass on to them and I am a walking review because you name it I've tried it. Since entering the Hairscapades Grow Out Challenge ( I decided to commit, one product line, six months, no cheating. So far so good. My hair is soft, fluffy, shiny...hmmm I may have to ask Doris for her hand in marriage.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Confessions of a PJ: You know You're a PJ If...

You stand in front of the 'hair stash' and examine the ingredients of the six...yes six bottles of leave in condish to decide which will work best with the wash and set you are doing.


Friday, August 19, 2011

In Review: The Tighly Curly Method

Have you seen Teri Laflesh's hair?

Well if you have not go to her website at

Her hair is tightly coiled to her waist! Umm hmm, yep I said waist. She went from having dry, damaged, over processed hair to having a gorgeous mane of curls that to her waist!!

Can we say hair crush...HAIR CRUSH!

I have been inadvertently practicing this method for 2 summers now. I use Aussie Moist as a leave in and go. My hair dries with hold like a gel but not sticky which I like.

She has recommendations for conditioners to use for co-washing and ones to use for styling.


I will continue to use this method in the summer time, it takes a bit long to dry so using it during the cold northeast winters is not an option.


Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World

Photo: My Hair with Aussie Moist styled with The Tightly Coily Method.

Attention Readers this post is not PG and it is meant for consenting adults only!

Below please find the latest musings from our manpert Sweet Sugar Suge. When I read this post it struck a cord…as a young woman I struggled trying to figure out that ‘elusive’ secret, the one my 10 year old niece is wondering “I really like him, how do I get him to like me back. I struggled with my own personal boundaries. I bent over backwards to please the guys that I dated. What I have some to realize as a grown woman is that we set the stage for how we are treated by how we treat our selves and how we allow others to treat us. What advice I gave to my niece the other night and applies to any woman at any age is you are already perfect just the way you are and always treat yourself with respect the right boy will come along sooner than later. Ahhh the innocence of puppy love.

So you asked and we found a manpert to answer, without any further ado this is what the fellas are really thinking!



Ahhhhh yes, sup ladies?! Sweet Sugar Suge here back in the building giving y'all the 'skinny' on what goes on in the heads of men while walking a fine line and trying to do my best not to break the 'bro code'. It gets really tough for me sometimes, because I'm constantly put in a position that requires me to 'keep it real' with the fellas but at the same time my loyalty lies more with the ladies. I’m sorry, but I grew up in a single parent home and was raised primarily by my mom and my aunts (like a million of them) and my Nana helped out big time too. So, while I’m here blogging and posting as a man, I so closely relate to the ladies and understand their perspective a lot more than the typical man does.

I’m bout to get grown up on y’all for a second. DISCLAIMER: if you’re not an adult , please stop reading here!!!

I know we all heard the phrase, 'lady in the street & fr#@k in the sheets’ right? ok, so here’s what you didn’t know..... there IS a such thing as TOO
FR@#$Y. As much as every man in the world would love to admit that his woman does everything he requests to fulfill his fantasy, none of them would be able to say it and be telling the truth. The IDEA of my lady doing absolutely everything imaginable to keep my satisfied is a grand one, but the actuality is scary as crap! I want her to have limits, I want to feel like she's gotta be coaxed into some things, and not just give in right away. Because the second a request is made that may seem outlandish to us and the lady readily complies, our mind starts wondering..... 'hmmmmm, she’s waay to comfortable with this'…lol… #REAL TALK.

I don’t care if you guys have been together forever, he loves the idea that there are just some things you wont do, some boundaries that just wont be crossed. Too fr@#ky is an avenue that once gone down, there is no return. Idk, and plus we have that whole 'we must conquer' thing going on internally and when you say 'no', we have to do absolutely everything in our power to convince you to say 'yes'. That’s how we feel accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, have fun, experiment, but don’t get ridiculous. I’ve heard stories that are just retarded to the point where the dude telling it actually said 'now that I can hear myself say it, I don’t even know if I want to be with somebody that’ll do that!' My hand to god!

Here’s something crazy... the worst is when a request is made that may be off the wall to him but you don’t find odd at all. That’s a sticky situation... because here he is thinking 'yea, she’s not going to do it, she’s not going to do it and you say 'ok, lets do that' and then 'can we do that again'.. Ladies you don’t want to be her. I’ve mentioned previously, too much of anything is bad for you and often times less is more. You absolutely want to keep his interest, and to be honest you don’t want to say 'no' to too many things…lol… but you also want to keep it fresh and let him have the idea or thought that you won’t just do anything he asks because you love him. He wants you to have self respect and as much as you tell him 'its his' he loves knowing that ultimately its 'yours' and you have the power. I mean c'mon, we know who calls the shots. We know what’s what, and it doesn’t need to be said. He loves that you'll consider it and even if you won’t, just tell him you will... football season is coming and he'll probably forget about it anyway. Idk how many men read this post, but if you can keep a secret, I can too! My loyalty lies with you women. Y’all are the ones that are there for me and take care of me when i need it. So I'll scream and shout with the fellas all day, but then I go home and secretly guest blog with the hope that they wont log onto CURVEALICIOUS.BLOGSPOT.COM hahahaha.

So keep him happy ladies the best you can, but most importantly respect yourself and do what makes you happy at the same time. We all have to bend sometimes, we all have to compromise sometimes.... there’s a time and place for everything…even getting your freak on…those times are when you’re in college and bachelorette parties…

Hope ya’ll enjoyed and learned a lil something that you didn’t already know. Big S/O to my family Etoile for letting me get loose and entertain y’all for however long it took y’all to read this. We appreciate your attention and time. Get wit cha later ladies.

$weet $ugar $uge
Twitter @sweetsugarsuge

Photo Credit: Rowena Husbands, Blink of An Eye Photography

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fashion's Night Out 2011...

Hope you can come and play in the 'reindeer' games! We are going to have a fun night!

You Know You Are A PJ If...

You have more hair care products than you do cooking spices...


Hair Crush Alert! Shelli of Hairscapades

They saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words.'

And The Curvealicious Chronicles agrees...

Not only is she stunning!

Not only is her hair gorgeous!

She is also a sweetheart!

Shelli and I had the opportunity to chat via phone this past weekend and her personality literally jumps through the phone. We bonded over what else...HAIR and could probably have spent the entire afternoon dishing on products, treatments, hair obsessions, etc.

Shelli has agreed to guest blog here on 'The Curvealicious Chronicles'...can we say SCORE?!

If you are not familiar with Shelli's blog check it out at, great content with product info and styling tutorials to help naturalista's like me get out of our 'bun rut.'

PJ's be warned...Shelli's blog will send you on a 'Google' search and/or straight to the BSS perusing the aisles for the products she talks about...I know I trolled through one yesterday and picked up the Devacare No Poo and had to talk myself down from the ledge...Why? Because I need to use the 3 month supply of shampoo that I have in my house up before I buy another single thing!

Have a curlicious, curvealicious day!

Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World

Monday, August 15, 2011

Curvy Bella of The Day - Ursula Morris

The 1st Installment From Our 'Real Women Have Curves' Series

The Curvealicious Chronicles had the opportunity to sit down this weekend with the GORGEOUS Ursula Morris. Ursula is one of those women who absolutely glows from the inside out.

What is your name and what do you do?
My name is Ursula Morris. I am a single mom and an aspiring entertainer.

What are you passionate about?

My passions are my family, writing music and performing.

What are your goals and dreams?

My goal and dream is to become a successful songwriter and actress.

What words of advice can you offer curvy bella's in pursuit of their dreams?
My advice would be to believe in yourself and to never allow people,
situations or disappointments to ever deter you from your dreams. Remind
yourself daily that you can do it, and put your dreams into everyday
situations. Your heart will lead the way... your determination will do the
driving. Also, it is important to always surround yourself with positive
people who share your dreams and visions. Having support and mentors will
benefit you, by keeping you motivated and provide you with the skills to
bring your dreams to reality. More importantly, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Having
knowledge will let people know you mean business.

What sage words of advice can you give 'curvy's' about being comfortable
in their skin?

Being comfortable in your skin begins with loving who you
are, but this doesn't always come easy. Take a look at yourself in the
mirror, acknowledge your beauty. Embrace what makes you who you are. When
you are confident and secure on the inside, it will definitely shine on the outside.

As a curvy what are your fashion do's and what are your fashion 'oh no you didn't? My curvy Do's: are to always accentuate the positive. No curvealicious woman
is built the same. Don't be afraid to tastefully show what you got! Also,
you should always mix it up a bit. Try different patterns, colors, and
textures. Know the power of great accessories and shoes.

My Curvy 'oh no you didn't': Avoid what I call "Curvy Spillage"...LOL! Since we do have
curves, we need to be careful what we wear, or we might have an overload,
which results in spillage. Sometimes too much can be too much.

Where can everyday curvy's on a budget find fashions that flatter their

Well depending on just how curvy you are, there are stores that cater to curvy woman, such as Lane Bryant. But you can also find great styles for great prices at stores such as Burlington, Marshalls and TJMaxx. Don't rule out big department stores such as Macy's and Bloomingdales. There are bargains out there; it just might take a little searching.

What is 'next' for you?
Well, I am staring in an Independent film that is currently being packaged for shopping and distribution; I am also working on my song writing. I am researching different networking opportunities to get more notoriety and exposure. So look out for me at a theater near you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Winner(s)

Yes I said WINNERS!

I went into my trusty hideaway (every true PJ) has a secret hideaway spot and realized that I had an entirely unopened case of Dabur Vatika Oil.


The winner of two (2) bottles is:


And the four (4) runners up who will each receive one (1) bottle are:

Hairscapades (hopefully you can do a tutorial & show the ladies the best uses for it)


Michaels (Ms. M)


Please shoot an email with your full name & complete mailing address to: and I will get your packages out by next week. They will ship via regular mail but I will track each package and send you your individual tracking number.


And Happy Growing!


Just a Curvy Girl Living In Her Self Professed Curvy World

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the Spotlight: Doris New York Hair Care Products!

We had the chance to sit down with the gorgeous and super savvy Marlene Duperley who is one half of the dynamic Mother & Daughter duo of Doris New York Hair Care Products.

We hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as we enjoyed spending time with her!


How did this passionate 'love affair' with hair begin?
I can completely answer that for my mom!! Lol! Mom (Doris) is one of 14 brothers and sisters. There were 10 girls all together and out of the 10 half became hair dressers! So I would have to say the love affair began many, many years ago through her bloodline. You know when they say "oh, it's in the blood" that would be Doris and her affinity and love for hair and caring for hair.

What was your “aha” moment when you decided to start the company?
Well, it's so crazy for years my mom's clients in the salon and I have been asking her to sell her amazing scalp oil and deep treatments. When I was 4 years old I remember mom with these large iron pots on the kitchen floor and stove stirring hair oil. I would just stand there and watch in amazement as she poured them into jars and carried them over to the salon. Fast forward to approximately 5/6 years ago mom called me and said "I'm READY" I was like wooohooooo! Let's go...and we never looked back!

Tell us about Doris New York?
Doris Duperley is the force behind Doris New York Hair Care Products! She has over 40 years of experience dealing with our hair...meaning every single type of African American hair texture (which includes multi-ethnic hair types) In the salon over the past 38 years we have literally seen it all and done it all. So just imagine all the experience, knowledge and love going into every jar and bottle. It's absolutely history in the making!

How do you develop products?
Our core line, which consists of the first 6 products we introduced, were actually the products my mom would make at home. When we decided to become a consumer brand we needed to partner with a chemist and manufacturer. We still develop all of our products. We let our chemist know what we are looking for, what ingredients we would like to use and how we would like each product to feel, smell, and most of all WORK! We do all the testing ourselves on a core group of our clientele in the salon.

Where does healthy hair begin? And how is it maintained?
Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp and healthy follicles. Take care of the inside...drink water, eat veggies and fruits and maintain a balanced healthy diet. This will provide some of the internal vitamins your follicles will need to stay healthy. Externally, keep your scalp clean, detoxed, well moisturized and conditioned. Your hair should be washed and deep treated every week. Depending on the damage use a product that is packed with moisture and damage repairing ingredients. Your hairline and scalp should be oiled daily if you have a dry/or extremely dry scalp. This will keep the shaft of the hair filled with body, replenished, amazingly shiny and easier to maintain. In some cases consistent deep treatments and care will change the texture of your hair, making it softer and easier to manage.

What are a few ingredients that you should avoid in hair care products?
Alcohol! Alcohol is drying! Now we have to be careful because the word "alcohol" is used in ingredients that are not the same as unnatural alcohols. Cetyl alcohol for example is derived from coconuts. This is perfectly acceptable and fine for your hair as an ingredient. It will not dry the hair!

What has been one of your company’s biggest high-lights to date?
Well we are embarking on one right now and that is our huge Billboard on Atlantic Avenue and Waverly Street in Brooklyn, NY. This billboard kicks off our new campaigns. The first being "Undefinable Undeniable Beauty" This refers to all of our beautiful textures, colors and types of hair but also includes the physical beauty of us in all shapes sizes and colors that so often gets overlooked in the media because it is not their definition of beauty! WRONG!!! We beg to differ and have lit up our own campaign trail to break those stereotypes. Our second campaign is "Let's Get Back To Our Roots" It's time to embrace our natural hair, our natural beauty and all that comes with it! As a play on words take care of your roots, remember them when caring for your hair remember your roots PERIOD!! That is where we are successful in life, when we remember our ROOTS!

What is the one thing you should never skip during your hair care routine?
Never skip 2 shampoos and a GREAT DEEP TREAMTENT! Those are the lifelines to your hair. One more thing never skip adding some moisture to your hair like a leave in conditioner for extra protection or a great moisturizing cream if you have any dryness/frizziness. These two steps can make all the difference.

What are some tips for keeping our hair looking fab in high heat and
LEAVE IN CONDITIONER and a great moisturizing cream to seal in the moisture. Our hair screams for moisture in the humidity much like it does in the dead of cold winter months. Think of how you take care of your skin, your scalp and hair deserves the same treatment

For More Info on Doris New York Hair Care Products Go To:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

IMO - Sexy is...?

This morning I read a really good article entitled 'What is Sexy" by Lori Bryant Woolridge posted on The Huffington Post...#don'tjudge...and it made me think of how my own personal definition of sexy has changed over the years.

When I was younger I thought that 'my sexy' was showing off the physical attributes that were most small waist, curvy hips, long thick hair but as I have gotten older I define 'my sexy' so much differently.

My sexy is being comfortable in the clothes I wear (which 6 days out of 7 is a pair of jeans and a cute pair of sneakers).

My sexy is wearing my hair in a ponytail or bun.

My sexy is throwing on a baseball cap and a pair of 'Jenny from the block' super sized silver hoop earrings.

My sexy is being a savvy business woman.

My sexy is being confident and secure.

My sexy is being comfortable in my own skin. You can like it or not..the only thing that matters is that I do.

Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World

Monday, August 8, 2011

Afrobella: All of My Purple Life


This past Saturday I had brunch with my 'curvefriend' author Thembisa S. Mshaka and as we left the restaurant I noticed that her lips were glistening a BEAUTIFUL purple hue...I mean BEAUTIFUL. I inquired as to what she was wearing and she whipped a tube of MAC Cosmetics lipglass from her purse and it was none other than the shade designed by the amazing Afrobella 'All of My Purple Life'. I just went on to order and see that it is sold out on-line...sigh...I HOPE MAC will be restocking!

And if you are not up on Afrobella please check her out at she is a curvy who ROCKS!!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dabur Vatika Oil Giveaway!

So when I go I go hard...

With my PJism that is...

When I read rave reviews of a product I won't invest in the sample size I'll just go ALL the way in and buy the full size and usually a spare because what happens if I love it and then I run out?? I'm just saying...

So I bought a case (6 bottles)...yes one case of Vatika oil and it just does not work for me.

Many curly's rave about the benefits of coconut hair...umm not so much...actually my hair hates coconut oil.

So what's a curly to do with 2 unopened bottles remaining that I must get rid of to clear space in my secret spot for my next PJ haul...shhhhh don't tell...why give them away of course.

Shoot me a comment and tell me why you deserve them by no later than Wed Aug 10 and I will select one winner to receive both bottles (shipping included free of charge).



Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World

Saturday, August 6, 2011


My name is not Dorothy.

We are not in Kansas anymore.

I have not seen Toto in forever.

But these red 'slippers' would 'transport' me from here to the moon!

I'm just sayin'!!!!!


Just a Curvy Girl Living in her Self Professed Curvy World

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Friday, August 5, 2011

Confessions of a PJ: Doris New York Olive Oil Hair Cream

I cannot stay in a long term relationship...past a month...with my hair products that is.

To know me is to know that I am a licensed, card carrying, professionally certified, don't try this at home kids PRODUCT JUNKIE!

But I have entered a 12 step program, I am attending meetings on a weekly basis and I have the support of my fellow former PJ's.

The main reason for my reform was that I entered the Grow Out Challenge on One thing that I do know is that when you want to retain length and grow your hair it is imperative to maintain a regimen. I decided that I would stick with one line of products for the duration of the challenge while wearing my hair in low manipulation styles and maintaining the same weekly regimen.

For the challenge I decided to use Doris New York Hair Care Products. The product line was created by a family whose life has been hair care. Doris has spent the majority of her life as a hair stylist and has owned a salon in the greater New York Area for quite a few years. The products were developed to help achieve and maintain healthy hair, & were tested on salon clients. Both Doris and her stunning daughter Marlene have GORGEOUS heads of hair...umm can we say 'hair crush'...

I began using the products last week and I am in love with the Olive Oil Hair Cream. The weather forecast in the Northeast has been high humidity=frizz-fro and this cream helped me maintain a shiny, moisturized, 'lil tiny hairs stayed in place, polished bun all week. The product is light in texture and not greasy. Score! Product just made it to my list of HG (holy grail products).

For info on the line go to:

Until Next Time,


Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Musings From Our Manpert! Sweet Sugar Suge!

Ladies ladies ladies! It wasn't my intention to be away from y'all for so long but I'm glad I'm back! Hope you guys have been enjoying the interviews posted on The Curvealicious Chronicles by the sweet and curvy Etoile, I know I have. So, while racking my brain figuring out what info I would be able to relay to the ladies and not break the "Bro Code", I thought of a survey. I went to some of my social network sites and posed this question to men and women alike:

What are the 3 most important qualities you require in a significant other?

I had no idea what to expect, but what I didn't expect is for the women to jump in as hard and quickly as they did. I swear, it seemed like they were waiting for me to ask that question because the feedback from them was extremely well thought out and actually seemed scripted. Lol.

The fellas answered in typical "man" fashion.... I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with both parties.

Now for my thoughts on this whole thing... Men and women aren't as different as you may think, in a sense we're the same with different organs. We feel the same feelings and emotions, with women being super eager to express their feelings and men a little more reserved about sharing. One thing is for sure though... We all want to be happy. Surprisingly enough, the front running answers for the question posed are: respect, loyalty, honesty, sense of humor, god fearing, romantic, confidence without arrogance, compassion, faithfulness, creativity, sexiness, & brains.

If you ask me, I believe the survey was a great success. I'm doing my best to bridge the gap between the sexes, we all need to be closer. What shocked me more than anything is how both sexes want the exact same things in their mate of the opposite sex. Its crazy! Its crazy how we can all want the same thing but we still have difficulty finding it. Its crazy how every single R&B or love song is either about being in love, falling out of love or wanting love.

All the answers are there. We all feel the same way about what we want in a mate yet every woman is complaining that there aren't any good men out there and every man is complaining that there aren't any good women. I bet I can name one thing that will end all complaints about the opposite sex. Ready? TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY THAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO TREAT YOU. Follow this simple rule and you're on your way! Of course you can't control what anyone other than yourself is going to do, but you can control whether or not you allow them to do it to you. Don't wait around putting up with someones crap because you fear that nothing else is out there. Be happy with YOU and your life and everything else will fall into place. Respect one another and you'll be surprised how things end up working out...

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and thanks to everyone that participated in the survey, I had fun doing it. A few women made mention that they're curious as to what 3 things $weet $ugar $uge believes are most important in his significant other... here ya go:

My lady has got to respect my "ME" time
My lady has got to be able to burn that kitchen down!
My lady has got to have CURVES

Why did I leave out respect, brains, sense of humor, beauty, etc? Because if those things aren't present in a woman then she wouldn't even be a candidate to begin with. Oh I am NOT superficial/shallow.

Thanks for reading.

Til next time ladies!
$weet $ugar $uge

Twitter: @sweetsugarsuge

Photo Credit: Rowena Husbands of Blink of An Eye Photography;

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Hair

On my way home last eve a woman stopped me to tell me how much she liked my pony puff. I told her thanks and that after lots of and I do mean lots of trial and error I had finally figured out a regimen that worked for me and then SHUT THE FRONT DOOR...GASP she said it... 'well you've got 'good hair' that's why it's so cute'...seriously she said that and with a straight face too.

All of my life I have heard...

'You must be mixed cause you got good hair'

'You must have Indian in you cause you got that good hair'

'You don't have black hair you have good hair'

And the list goes on and on and on and on...

I have hair. Hair that has been healthy and blossomed, hair that has been over processed and damaged almost beyond repair, and hair that fell out by the fistfuls when I began taking meds for a blood disorder.

In my humble opinion good hair is a healthy head of hair. Hair that is cared for be it natural, relaxed, texlaxed, colored, etc.

I love my hair aka Luscious Lola. She is glorious. She behaves. She misbehaves. But boy oh boy does she respond well when I treat her kindly and with a gentle loving touch.

My top 3 hair commandments are:
1. Be patient. Hair does not grow over night. As much as I wish it did it really doesn't.
2. Be gentle. My hair is naturally coily, curly, and super thick, some people can drive to work in the time that it takes to detangle my freshly washed hair, but I'd rather be slow and tender than rip my hair out in chunks.
3. Be kind. I treat Lola to a pre-poo & deep condition every week and she responds in kind by being soft, moisturized and supple.

Ladies love your locks, no two heads of hair are the same and remember if we take care of our hair it is always GOOD HAIR!

Have a Good Hair Day!

Until Next Time,


Just a Curvy Girl Living in her Self Professed Curvy World

Photo: My curly, coily pony puff!

Monday, August 1, 2011

BlueDini: Where Art Meets Make-up by Asha T. Campbell

Your Face Is My Canvas

By Asha T. Campbell

“I look different, and I love it!” This is often the response I get from my artistry. I carefully study the subject before me, observing all the details of her face. I see what features jump out at me first and make a mental note of it. As I’m applying skin care products, I’m observing of the texture of the skin, the shape of the eyes, the height of the cheek bones and any variation in skin tone. All of these details play a huge part in the types of products that I choose for each client.

Each client is a blank canvas just waiting for me to put my expertise to use to maximize the potential that is there. I’m able to see the beauty in everyone long before any products are applied to their face. That’s part of my gift, to be able to enhance God given natural beauty without over shadowing the person. This is the most important part of my job.

I often hear things like “I don’t want to look made up” and “please don’t make me look like a clown”. Although that should be a given, I realize that many women have images of heavy caked on foundation in an off shade, bright blue eye shadow smeared from the lash line to the eyebrows and harsh red lipstick in an ungodly shade dancing in their heads. They remember the days when women of color could not purchase foundation that matches our skin tone perfectly. It was always a shade or two off. We were often told that certain hues did not look right on us so we got accustomed to only wearing “earth tones” or nothing at all.

I’d like to take a moment to break us out of the mold. Most of us have either red or yellow undertones to our skin (look at the highest part of your cheekbone below your eye). Red, yellow and blue are primary colors which means that all other colors are derived from these. This means that pretty much any color applied in the correct way, will look good on us. The sky is the limit! The days of strictly browns and beiges are long gone. We can proudly adorn some of the most vibrant colors created if we so choose to.

As a makeup artist, It’s my job to help you break out of that mold and learn how to express the real you in a new way. I think that’s why I get the response that I do. Women know that they are beautiful, but when they see that beauty enhanced with color, highlighting, and contouring it makes their outer appearance match what they feel on the inside… beautiful! To make an appointment for a consultation, please email or visit

Written by Asha T. Campbell, Makeup Artist

Photo By: Tom Castles;

Sofistafunk: Caution! Curves Ahead

Loved this blog post from the amazing brand Sofistafunk. The size fits most...the clothes...umm stunning!

Please do check them out at and click the link below to be redirected to their blog post detailing their feature in Plus Model Magazine.

Have a Curvealicious Day!


Click here: and click on blog to see this post "This month we were featured in Plus Model Magazine on the Beautiful Shanda Freeman First, we take you behind the seams in beautiful Cent..."

Photographer: Luke Jones; Stylist: Steffy Bready-Edwards; Model: Shanda Freeman as seen in Plus Model Magazine