Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the Spotlight: Doris New York Hair Care Products!

We had the chance to sit down with the gorgeous and super savvy Marlene Duperley who is one half of the dynamic Mother & Daughter duo of Doris New York Hair Care Products.

We hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as we enjoyed spending time with her!


How did this passionate 'love affair' with hair begin?
I can completely answer that for my mom!! Lol! Mom (Doris) is one of 14 brothers and sisters. There were 10 girls all together and out of the 10 half became hair dressers! So I would have to say the love affair began many, many years ago through her bloodline. You know when they say "oh, it's in the blood" that would be Doris and her affinity and love for hair and caring for hair.

What was your “aha” moment when you decided to start the company?
Well, it's so crazy for years my mom's clients in the salon and I have been asking her to sell her amazing scalp oil and deep treatments. When I was 4 years old I remember mom with these large iron pots on the kitchen floor and stove stirring hair oil. I would just stand there and watch in amazement as she poured them into jars and carried them over to the salon. Fast forward to approximately 5/6 years ago mom called me and said "I'm READY" I was like wooohooooo! Let's go...and we never looked back!

Tell us about Doris New York?
Doris Duperley is the force behind Doris New York Hair Care Products! She has over 40 years of experience dealing with our hair...meaning every single type of African American hair texture (which includes multi-ethnic hair types) In the salon over the past 38 years we have literally seen it all and done it all. So just imagine all the experience, knowledge and love going into every jar and bottle. It's absolutely history in the making!

How do you develop products?
Our core line, which consists of the first 6 products we introduced, were actually the products my mom would make at home. When we decided to become a consumer brand we needed to partner with a chemist and manufacturer. We still develop all of our products. We let our chemist know what we are looking for, what ingredients we would like to use and how we would like each product to feel, smell, and most of all WORK! We do all the testing ourselves on a core group of our clientele in the salon.

Where does healthy hair begin? And how is it maintained?
Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp and healthy follicles. Take care of the inside...drink water, eat veggies and fruits and maintain a balanced healthy diet. This will provide some of the internal vitamins your follicles will need to stay healthy. Externally, keep your scalp clean, detoxed, well moisturized and conditioned. Your hair should be washed and deep treated every week. Depending on the damage use a product that is packed with moisture and damage repairing ingredients. Your hairline and scalp should be oiled daily if you have a dry/or extremely dry scalp. This will keep the shaft of the hair filled with body, replenished, amazingly shiny and easier to maintain. In some cases consistent deep treatments and care will change the texture of your hair, making it softer and easier to manage.

What are a few ingredients that you should avoid in hair care products?
Alcohol! Alcohol is drying! Now we have to be careful because the word "alcohol" is used in ingredients that are not the same as unnatural alcohols. Cetyl alcohol for example is derived from coconuts. This is perfectly acceptable and fine for your hair as an ingredient. It will not dry the hair!

What has been one of your company’s biggest high-lights to date?
Well we are embarking on one right now and that is our huge Billboard on Atlantic Avenue and Waverly Street in Brooklyn, NY. This billboard kicks off our new campaigns. The first being "Undefinable Undeniable Beauty" This refers to all of our beautiful textures, colors and types of hair but also includes the physical beauty of us in all shapes sizes and colors that so often gets overlooked in the media because it is not their definition of beauty! WRONG!!! We beg to differ and have lit up our own campaign trail to break those stereotypes. Our second campaign is "Let's Get Back To Our Roots" It's time to embrace our natural hair, our natural beauty and all that comes with it! As a play on words take care of your roots, remember them when caring for your hair remember your roots PERIOD!! That is where we are successful in life, when we remember our ROOTS!

What is the one thing you should never skip during your hair care routine?
Never skip 2 shampoos and a GREAT DEEP TREAMTENT! Those are the lifelines to your hair. One more thing never skip adding some moisture to your hair like a leave in conditioner for extra protection or a great moisturizing cream if you have any dryness/frizziness. These two steps can make all the difference.

What are some tips for keeping our hair looking fab in high heat and
LEAVE IN CONDITIONER and a great moisturizing cream to seal in the moisture. Our hair screams for moisture in the humidity much like it does in the dead of cold winter months. Think of how you take care of your skin, your scalp and hair deserves the same treatment

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  1. Nice interview! You know you have the PJ in me intrigued!!! I can't wait to get your first hair update! I'll actually be making a "roll call" request at the end of the day to see how people did week 2=). Have you contained the PJ and stuck with your Doris products=)?

  2. @Hairscapades: I have (for now) managed to put my inner PJ on a leash. I have batted my eyes at other products, flirted openly but somehow managed to be faithful...Doris...I may give my heart to you :-). Happy Friday lady!