Monday, August 1, 2011

BlueDini: Where Art Meets Make-up by Asha T. Campbell

Your Face Is My Canvas

By Asha T. Campbell

“I look different, and I love it!” This is often the response I get from my artistry. I carefully study the subject before me, observing all the details of her face. I see what features jump out at me first and make a mental note of it. As I’m applying skin care products, I’m observing of the texture of the skin, the shape of the eyes, the height of the cheek bones and any variation in skin tone. All of these details play a huge part in the types of products that I choose for each client.

Each client is a blank canvas just waiting for me to put my expertise to use to maximize the potential that is there. I’m able to see the beauty in everyone long before any products are applied to their face. That’s part of my gift, to be able to enhance God given natural beauty without over shadowing the person. This is the most important part of my job.

I often hear things like “I don’t want to look made up” and “please don’t make me look like a clown”. Although that should be a given, I realize that many women have images of heavy caked on foundation in an off shade, bright blue eye shadow smeared from the lash line to the eyebrows and harsh red lipstick in an ungodly shade dancing in their heads. They remember the days when women of color could not purchase foundation that matches our skin tone perfectly. It was always a shade or two off. We were often told that certain hues did not look right on us so we got accustomed to only wearing “earth tones” or nothing at all.

I’d like to take a moment to break us out of the mold. Most of us have either red or yellow undertones to our skin (look at the highest part of your cheekbone below your eye). Red, yellow and blue are primary colors which means that all other colors are derived from these. This means that pretty much any color applied in the correct way, will look good on us. The sky is the limit! The days of strictly browns and beiges are long gone. We can proudly adorn some of the most vibrant colors created if we so choose to.

As a makeup artist, It’s my job to help you break out of that mold and learn how to express the real you in a new way. I think that’s why I get the response that I do. Women know that they are beautiful, but when they see that beauty enhanced with color, highlighting, and contouring it makes their outer appearance match what they feel on the inside… beautiful! To make an appointment for a consultation, please email or visit

Written by Asha T. Campbell, Makeup Artist

Photo By: Tom Castles;

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