Friday, August 19, 2011

Attention Readers this post is not PG and it is meant for consenting adults only!

Below please find the latest musings from our manpert Sweet Sugar Suge. When I read this post it struck a cord…as a young woman I struggled trying to figure out that ‘elusive’ secret, the one my 10 year old niece is wondering “I really like him, how do I get him to like me back. I struggled with my own personal boundaries. I bent over backwards to please the guys that I dated. What I have some to realize as a grown woman is that we set the stage for how we are treated by how we treat our selves and how we allow others to treat us. What advice I gave to my niece the other night and applies to any woman at any age is you are already perfect just the way you are and always treat yourself with respect the right boy will come along sooner than later. Ahhh the innocence of puppy love.

So you asked and we found a manpert to answer, without any further ado this is what the fellas are really thinking!



Ahhhhh yes, sup ladies?! Sweet Sugar Suge here back in the building giving y'all the 'skinny' on what goes on in the heads of men while walking a fine line and trying to do my best not to break the 'bro code'. It gets really tough for me sometimes, because I'm constantly put in a position that requires me to 'keep it real' with the fellas but at the same time my loyalty lies more with the ladies. I’m sorry, but I grew up in a single parent home and was raised primarily by my mom and my aunts (like a million of them) and my Nana helped out big time too. So, while I’m here blogging and posting as a man, I so closely relate to the ladies and understand their perspective a lot more than the typical man does.

I’m bout to get grown up on y’all for a second. DISCLAIMER: if you’re not an adult , please stop reading here!!!

I know we all heard the phrase, 'lady in the street & fr#@k in the sheets’ right? ok, so here’s what you didn’t know..... there IS a such thing as TOO
FR@#$Y. As much as every man in the world would love to admit that his woman does everything he requests to fulfill his fantasy, none of them would be able to say it and be telling the truth. The IDEA of my lady doing absolutely everything imaginable to keep my satisfied is a grand one, but the actuality is scary as crap! I want her to have limits, I want to feel like she's gotta be coaxed into some things, and not just give in right away. Because the second a request is made that may seem outlandish to us and the lady readily complies, our mind starts wondering..... 'hmmmmm, she’s waay to comfortable with this'…lol… #REAL TALK.

I don’t care if you guys have been together forever, he loves the idea that there are just some things you wont do, some boundaries that just wont be crossed. Too fr@#ky is an avenue that once gone down, there is no return. Idk, and plus we have that whole 'we must conquer' thing going on internally and when you say 'no', we have to do absolutely everything in our power to convince you to say 'yes'. That’s how we feel accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, have fun, experiment, but don’t get ridiculous. I’ve heard stories that are just retarded to the point where the dude telling it actually said 'now that I can hear myself say it, I don’t even know if I want to be with somebody that’ll do that!' My hand to god!

Here’s something crazy... the worst is when a request is made that may be off the wall to him but you don’t find odd at all. That’s a sticky situation... because here he is thinking 'yea, she’s not going to do it, she’s not going to do it and you say 'ok, lets do that' and then 'can we do that again'.. Ladies you don’t want to be her. I’ve mentioned previously, too much of anything is bad for you and often times less is more. You absolutely want to keep his interest, and to be honest you don’t want to say 'no' to too many things…lol… but you also want to keep it fresh and let him have the idea or thought that you won’t just do anything he asks because you love him. He wants you to have self respect and as much as you tell him 'its his' he loves knowing that ultimately its 'yours' and you have the power. I mean c'mon, we know who calls the shots. We know what’s what, and it doesn’t need to be said. He loves that you'll consider it and even if you won’t, just tell him you will... football season is coming and he'll probably forget about it anyway. Idk how many men read this post, but if you can keep a secret, I can too! My loyalty lies with you women. Y’all are the ones that are there for me and take care of me when i need it. So I'll scream and shout with the fellas all day, but then I go home and secretly guest blog with the hope that they wont log onto CURVEALICIOUS.BLOGSPOT.COM hahahaha.

So keep him happy ladies the best you can, but most importantly respect yourself and do what makes you happy at the same time. We all have to bend sometimes, we all have to compromise sometimes.... there’s a time and place for everything…even getting your freak on…those times are when you’re in college and bachelorette parties…

Hope ya’ll enjoyed and learned a lil something that you didn’t already know. Big S/O to my family Etoile for letting me get loose and entertain y’all for however long it took y’all to read this. We appreciate your attention and time. Get wit cha later ladies.

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