Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BlueDini: Tips for Achieving The Perfect Look on New Year's Eve

Be Bright, Bold and Beautiful this New Year's Eve

Add glitter- A little glitz goes a long way for New Years. Glitter eyeshadows and lip glosses add a bit of fun and sparkle to your face.

Try something new- Let New Year's Eve be a time of trying looks you don't typically wear. A bold eye or lip color, extra blush and bronzer...the sky is the limit! Throw caution to the wind and have fun with your makeup during this festive season.

Emulate your favorite celebrity look- Are you in love with old Hollywood glamour makeup looks...or how about something modern and trendy like Lady Gaga or Kim Kardashian? Have your makeup artist recreate your favorite celeb look or even try it yourself! Have fun with it...it's only makeup!

Smoke it out- One of the sexiest night-time looks is the smokey eye. Pick your favorite dark hue such as midnight blue, deep purple, black or grey and wear it proud. Add lashes and you are ready for the town.

Which ever look you decide to try this New Year, be sure to take lots of pictures! Be safe and have a wonderful time!

Makeup by Asha Tanielle

Photographer: Oliver Solomon
Facebook: Faces by Asha Tanielle
Twitter: Asha_Tanielle
Email: AshaTCampbell@yahoo.com

Saturday, December 10, 2011

BlueDini: All I Want For Christmas Is...

Give the gift of beauty this holiday seaon!

There are 15 shopping days left until Christmas. Still unsure about what to get the beauty addict in your life? Well we have your complete guide to all the hottest holiday collections. So get your printer and your wallet ready! Below is a table of our favorite makeup brands' holiday collections complete with pricing and photos. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Collection:
Dazzlesphere - lip glasses and pigments in a snow globe
Pricing: $25.50- $32.50

Laura Mercier
Holiday Collection:
Holiday Colour Sets - palettes and bath sets
Pricing: $25.00- $98.00

Estee Lauder
Holiday Collection:
Cyber eyes- hybrid eye shadow, kohl liners and mascaras
Pricing: $20.00- $24.00

Holiday Collection:
Holiday collection- smoky eyes, red lips and shimmery skin
Pricing: $17.00- $45.00

Bobbi Brown
Holiday Collection:
It's your party holiday collection - eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses and fragrance
Pricing: $23.00- $115.00

Makeup by Asha Tanielle
Photographer: Barrie Blau
Garment: Sofistafunk
Hair: Dannielle Reyes
Model: Sara Viteri
Facebook: Faces by Asha Tanielle
Twitter: Asha_Tanielle
Email: AshaTCampbell@yahoo.com