Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Curvy Likes to Eat: A Review of Delta's Restaurant in NJ

So this is the thing with me and food...I am a cook...not a professionally trained cook...but a cook nonetheless.

You see I was one of those little girls that wanted to be in the kitchen with the 'grown' women folk. And the ladies on the weekend were always cooking. I picked up most of my 'skills' while eavesdropping on the conversations that were happening around me and observing my mom, my nana, and on summer trips 'down south' to visit my grandma.

I cook a range of dishes, I am a self professed Food Network-A-Holic, and I make the 'meanest' drop biscuits this side of the Mason Dixon Line. I am a foodie and I really don't go to many Soul Food restaurants because frankly I enjoy mine better. It is hard for me to spend $15 on crab cakes and be served 'a' crab cake with more bread than crab and REALLY hard for me to spend $6,$7 or more on a side of mac n'cheese that does not ooze with that ooey gooey deliciousness that mine does...#iamjustsaying.

This past weekend I went to Delta's in NJ and WOW was I impressed!!

As we entered I noted that the decor was beautiful, tasteful, and very well done, the hostess greeted us warmly and we were seated immediately, and the waiter came over to take our drink order right away.

Ok so they had me 'at hello'...

I ordered the fried catfish strips for an appetizer, they arrived promptly and were golden and crispy. For my entree I ordered fried chicken, mac n'cheese, and greens...everything was absolutely delish. And then I had to...really I did...order desert, I was not disappointed I had the lemon jello cake, a lemon sponge cake that was moist and absolutely scrumptious. Portion size...put it this way I had food for the next day.

Delta's I wil be back!!! Just not too frequently as I am trying to keep the curves 'licious!

For info on Delta's (be sure to check out their many entertainment offerings):


  1. You put me to shame. Cook? What's that? LOL. My husband does ALL the cooking. Thank God. I guess I'd be really frail and thin if he didn't....


  2. I love there salmon! It is so yummy! During happy hour they sever finger food for free! It is a great place but in the fall watch for the college crews.

  3. @Michelle: I LOVE to cook. The holiday season finds me prepping large meals for days. The down side is I also LOVE to eat. Keeping that balance is what I strive to do DAILY!
    @Blessingmycurls: I am going to have to try the salmon next time. I will be back!