Friday, August 19, 2011

In Review: The Tighly Curly Method

Have you seen Teri Laflesh's hair?

Well if you have not go to her website at

Her hair is tightly coiled to her waist! Umm hmm, yep I said waist. She went from having dry, damaged, over processed hair to having a gorgeous mane of curls that to her waist!!

Can we say hair crush...HAIR CRUSH!

I have been inadvertently practicing this method for 2 summers now. I use Aussie Moist as a leave in and go. My hair dries with hold like a gel but not sticky which I like.

She has recommendations for conditioners to use for co-washing and ones to use for styling.


I will continue to use this method in the summer time, it takes a bit long to dry so using it during the cold northeast winters is not an option.


Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World

Photo: My Hair with Aussie Moist styled with The Tightly Coily Method.


  1. Ok I want to hear what this is all about. However, if it's like wash and go I will pass. I can't stand going out with my hair wet plus it gets super tangled! But enough speculation. Let me go visit the tighlty curled blog. :-)


  2. @Michelle: You can do this at night on whatever your wash night is. I have done that, put a few braids in my hair, thrown on my satin scarf and woken up to beautiful curls. I have often gotten 4-5 day hair using this method and then been able to bun to get me to wash day. I am a fan. And Teri's hair!!! Wow!!

  3. Oh now I thought it was wash and just let the hair sit. That I can not do. The braids or twists is good. I have wavy hair more than curly so I always have to sue flexi rods on the end. I'm hoping my use of zizyphus continues to change that! Oh, the review is up tomorrow. I used it this weekend and I'm pleased.

    The only thing I don't like about Teri's method is the use of the denman brush. I've tried that brush on wet hair with conditioner and never again. it rips my hair out. I even tried removing a row. So, now it's my daughter's weave brush LOL

  4. @Michelle: What is Zizyphus? Yeah the Denman was an EPIC fail for me to...there was more hair in my brush than I had left on my

  5. Zizyphus is a plant like henna. You can use it to restore curls and thicken hair. I couldn't use Amla since it seems to cause a lot of itching. I do however use As I Am Naturally products which contains Amla without problem but didn't want to risk it full strength. I will def be buying Zizyphus again. My review with before and after pics is here:

  6. @Michelle: Just saw your review. Noticable difference. Please post pics after your next use, I am curious to see the results.