Friday, August 5, 2011

Confessions of a PJ: Doris New York Olive Oil Hair Cream

I cannot stay in a long term relationship...past a month...with my hair products that is.

To know me is to know that I am a licensed, card carrying, professionally certified, don't try this at home kids PRODUCT JUNKIE!

But I have entered a 12 step program, I am attending meetings on a weekly basis and I have the support of my fellow former PJ's.

The main reason for my reform was that I entered the Grow Out Challenge on One thing that I do know is that when you want to retain length and grow your hair it is imperative to maintain a regimen. I decided that I would stick with one line of products for the duration of the challenge while wearing my hair in low manipulation styles and maintaining the same weekly regimen.

For the challenge I decided to use Doris New York Hair Care Products. The product line was created by a family whose life has been hair care. Doris has spent the majority of her life as a hair stylist and has owned a salon in the greater New York Area for quite a few years. The products were developed to help achieve and maintain healthy hair, & were tested on salon clients. Both Doris and her stunning daughter Marlene have GORGEOUS heads of hair...umm can we say 'hair crush'...

I began using the products last week and I am in love with the Olive Oil Hair Cream. The weather forecast in the Northeast has been high humidity=frizz-fro and this cream helped me maintain a shiny, moisturized, 'lil tiny hairs stayed in place, polished bun all week. The product is light in texture and not greasy. Score! Product just made it to my list of HG (holy grail products).

For info on the line go to:

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  1. YES! I feel you! If i didnt have a hole in my money bag I would always change up the products!!! But Ill stick with what I got for now. Ive never heard of the Doris line. You should do a product review!!

  2. Miss Leah: It is truly a problem! I can't even wander into a drug store without stopping in the hair care product aisle. I am planning on using the Doris New York line exclusively for six months while I participate in the GOC on I will be posting updates both there and here talking about my experience with the line and rating each product.