Thursday, August 4, 2011

Musings From Our Manpert! Sweet Sugar Suge!

Ladies ladies ladies! It wasn't my intention to be away from y'all for so long but I'm glad I'm back! Hope you guys have been enjoying the interviews posted on The Curvealicious Chronicles by the sweet and curvy Etoile, I know I have. So, while racking my brain figuring out what info I would be able to relay to the ladies and not break the "Bro Code", I thought of a survey. I went to some of my social network sites and posed this question to men and women alike:

What are the 3 most important qualities you require in a significant other?

I had no idea what to expect, but what I didn't expect is for the women to jump in as hard and quickly as they did. I swear, it seemed like they were waiting for me to ask that question because the feedback from them was extremely well thought out and actually seemed scripted. Lol.

The fellas answered in typical "man" fashion.... I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with both parties.

Now for my thoughts on this whole thing... Men and women aren't as different as you may think, in a sense we're the same with different organs. We feel the same feelings and emotions, with women being super eager to express their feelings and men a little more reserved about sharing. One thing is for sure though... We all want to be happy. Surprisingly enough, the front running answers for the question posed are: respect, loyalty, honesty, sense of humor, god fearing, romantic, confidence without arrogance, compassion, faithfulness, creativity, sexiness, & brains.

If you ask me, I believe the survey was a great success. I'm doing my best to bridge the gap between the sexes, we all need to be closer. What shocked me more than anything is how both sexes want the exact same things in their mate of the opposite sex. Its crazy! Its crazy how we can all want the same thing but we still have difficulty finding it. Its crazy how every single R&B or love song is either about being in love, falling out of love or wanting love.

All the answers are there. We all feel the same way about what we want in a mate yet every woman is complaining that there aren't any good men out there and every man is complaining that there aren't any good women. I bet I can name one thing that will end all complaints about the opposite sex. Ready? TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY THAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO TREAT YOU. Follow this simple rule and you're on your way! Of course you can't control what anyone other than yourself is going to do, but you can control whether or not you allow them to do it to you. Don't wait around putting up with someones crap because you fear that nothing else is out there. Be happy with YOU and your life and everything else will fall into place. Respect one another and you'll be surprised how things end up working out...

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and thanks to everyone that participated in the survey, I had fun doing it. A few women made mention that they're curious as to what 3 things $weet $ugar $uge believes are most important in his significant other... here ya go:

My lady has got to respect my "ME" time
My lady has got to be able to burn that kitchen down!
My lady has got to have CURVES

Why did I leave out respect, brains, sense of humor, beauty, etc? Because if those things aren't present in a woman then she wouldn't even be a candidate to begin with. Oh I am NOT superficial/shallow.

Thanks for reading.

Til next time ladies!
$weet $ugar $uge

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