Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I chose to go 'Au Naturelle'...Because Going Bald Was Never Really An Option!

I was chatting on the phone yesterday with a new 'curlfriend' and we started to talk about my transition...I had a routine...I knew what worked on my creamy crackified hair, drugstore products were fine, I had zero knowledge of ingredients and the less I knew the know ignorance is bliss.

I had been 'softening' for awhile then my hairdresser who I loved and adored moved to another state...mmm hmm the nerve of her. This woman had cared for Luscious Lola aka my hair for over 15 years, she knew my hair, we were in hair love, or so I thought...until she left me.

So then I was faced with the 'challenge' of trying to find a new hair stylist and we ALL know how difficult that can be. I've had numerous one hair stands over the last few years and then finally I decide to end my cheating ways and commit...I wanted to make it official...I wanted to let the world know I had found the one and dye fiasco of epic proportions...and let's just say that I was surprised to have any hair left on my head and thus I decided that transitioning was the only option...go natural or go bald...and personally I think I am way cuter with hair on my head.

So 16 months ago I made the more creamy the interim I have probably purchased every single product in the free world. You won't know until you try it right?! My natural curlfriends are always excited to see me...I tend to whip some product out of my purse to pass on to them and I am a walking review because you name it I've tried it. Since entering the Hairscapades Grow Out Challenge ( I decided to commit, one product line, six months, no cheating. So far so good. My hair is soft, fluffy, shiny...hmmm I may have to ask Doris for her hand in marriage.

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