Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dabur Vatika Oil Giveaway!

So when I go I go hard...

With my PJism that is...

When I read rave reviews of a product I won't invest in the sample size I'll just go ALL the way in and buy the full size and usually a spare because what happens if I love it and then I run out?? I'm just saying...

So I bought a case (6 bottles)...yes one case of Vatika oil and it just does not work for me.

Many curly's rave about the benefits of coconut hair...umm not so much...actually my hair hates coconut oil.

So what's a curly to do with 2 unopened bottles remaining that I must get rid of to clear space in my secret spot for my next PJ haul...shhhhh don't tell...why give them away of course.

Shoot me a comment and tell me why you deserve them by no later than Wed Aug 10 and I will select one winner to receive both bottles (shipping included free of charge).



Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World


  1. Etoile, how did you use the oil? As a pre-poo? If so, then yeah, I got nothing. LOL! My hair doesn't like coconut oil on it once dry (to seal or for shine). But, I like the Vatika oil for pre-poos. If it didn't work for you as a pre-poo, then that oil deserves to go to a home that loves it;-).

  2. GM Etoile!!! I don't know if I deserve it but I sure wouldn't mind trying it out. I was watching some YT vids yesterday and someone mentioned they use it as a sealer and it is fab for her. I said i would try it as we have the same hair type and I'm trying to get my regimen down to a science. So if u want it to go to a good home that would welcome it w/ open arms, then I'm ur gurl. Lol.

  3. OMG! I surely deserve this product! I have been researching coconut oil for a while now. The site I found was tropical traditions (I think that's the name), and their products are expensive! So I haven't gotten around to purchasing coconut oil because of this, but I read and hear that its so frickin' awesome!! When I research other coconut products I really don't know if they are good, and don't want to waste $$. I have products that have coconut in them, and it seems my hair loves coconut!!! This is why I deserve this product!!

  4. I want to help myself as well as other. You can say I am a natural hair Johnny Appleseed I spread the good news of being natural. The product you aren't loving will have a good home with me. "Share the love and love all ways come back" my motto.

  5. I deserve this oil! It is my all around oil that I can't live without. The smell, mmmm, I love it. I use this oil as a pre-poo, sealer, and touch up moisturizer. Winning this oil, I would be set for awhile. Those bottles would have a nice home with me.


  6. I have vatika oil but not this brand and the bottle I have doesn't say anything about coconut so I must try this! i'm interested in trying it as a pre-poo and a sealer.


  7. I'd love to try this brand of coconut oil. I always hear people talk about Vatika and I have never seen it anywhere. This would be lovely! =)


  8. Ladies!! Thanks for the comments. I am packaging these two lonely bottles up and preparing to send them to a new home. I will post the name of the winner on Thursday morning. Have an amazing day!

  9. This house of mine would make a lovely home for Vatika oil because it would spread the joy on many heads in my house, not just one! And being honest here, I can't afford to buy this so to win it would be great! I have heard great things from Ms.Hairscapades about this stuff.

  10. WINNER(S) Announced! Check out today's post at to see if you are a lucky winner!