Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hair Crush Alert! Shelli of Hairscapades

They saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words.'

And The Curvealicious Chronicles agrees...

Not only is she stunning!

Not only is her hair gorgeous!

She is also a sweetheart!

Shelli and I had the opportunity to chat via phone this past weekend and her personality literally jumps through the phone. We bonded over what else...HAIR and could probably have spent the entire afternoon dishing on products, treatments, hair obsessions, etc.

Shelli has agreed to guest blog here on 'The Curvealicious Chronicles'...can we say SCORE?!

If you are not familiar with Shelli's blog check it out at www.hairscapades.com, great content with product info and styling tutorials to help naturalista's like me get out of our 'bun rut.'

PJ's be warned...Shelli's blog will send you on a 'Google' search and/or straight to the BSS perusing the aisles for the products she talks about...I know I trolled through one yesterday and picked up the Devacare No Poo and had to talk myself down from the ledge...Why? Because I need to use the 3 month supply of shampoo that I have in my house up before I buy another single thing!

Have a curlicious, curvealicious day!

Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World


  1. You are far, far, FAR too kind! Thank you for the wonderful words and the opportunity. You are truly a blessing in my life=)!


  2. And you are in mine...shhhh...don't tell...you know I bought the Devacare Nopoo...the PJ in me...I couldn't contain her!

  3. LMBO!!!! No you didn't!! You're a mess!! But, I love it!! LOL!!

  4. Oh yes I did! And after seeing your growth post this morning I am soooooo going to be looking into your regimen this weekend!!! And BUYING a few things!