Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cheaters: The Hair Edition

Dear Hair Stylist:

I am so sorry to have to break up with you...on Facebook nonetheless...but it is over.

Last July when I started cheating on you my Facebook status went from In 'A Relationship' to 'It's Complicated' but now I am so in love with my new hair stylist that I am changing it back to 'In A Relationship' but just not with you :-(. I wish you well.

Seriously curlies how hard is it to find a hair stylist who is actually a curly hair expert?! One who actually gets your 'complicated side'...the multiple textures all fighting for world domination! What's not to 'heart' about that?!

This is my second trip to Christo Fifth Avenue and my second appointment with Tameeka McNeil Johnson and I am incredibly pleased!!

I used to dread visits to the 'beauty salon', (raise your hand if you used to book an appointment and block the rest of your day out because you just KNEW you would be there for HOURS); my experience at Christo Fifth Avenue and with Tameeka as my stylist has topped every single expectation that I had.

Tameeka has been styling hair for over ten years; she is professionally trained and knows how to work with a variety of textures from straight hair to kinky curly hair.

My hair is tightly coiled with very defined and tight 's' shaped curls, it can be obnoxiously dry, and let's also throw in the mix that I have a patch in the back that is type 'z' and scoff's at the notion of moisture...and on most occasions curl definition!

Oh and least I forget to mention...Luscious Lola (yep my hair has a name) will turn into a big 'ol 'fro in the blink of an eye.

Tameeka aka hair goddess cut my hair wet, taught me how to define my curls so that they 'pop', and has made specific recommendations on conditioning techniques, oils that moisturize, products, etc based on my unique texture.

I have found her to be incredibly knowledgeable about hair care AND since I have been seeing Tameeka my hair has never looked better! She took time before our appointment to look at my hair; she listened to my concerns and gave me exactly what I asked for. My cut and color are...#fierce.

The right products + the right hair stylist = CURL LOVE


If you are in the NYC area and in search of a Curly Expert make an appointment to see Tameeka! Your locks will thank you!

For info on Tameeka or to contact her:

Until Next Time,


  1. And that's why we need to do our own hair! It really is difficult to find a curly hair stylist who really knows what they are doing. Many will say they know then go to rip the comb through your hair.

    I find that now that I'm doing my own hair, it actually comes out better anyway. So, I'm saving money now too. Score.

  2. I am good with the day to day maintenance but I won't do permanent color myself or trim my ends myself. My hair has been 'butchered' in the past by the 'so called' curly hair experts. Tameeka was incredible. She specializes in textured hair AND she has a head full of incredible healthy curls herself which was a really good sign to start.

  3. Your cut and color ARE fierce!

    I usually do mine myself also because I don't trust anyone in my hair (never have, even from my relaxed days), but Tameeka did a wonderful job!!!

  4. Thank You! Tameeka is toooo fierce! What I love most about her is that she really listened! Hope you had a great holiday!