Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To Scarf or Not To Scarf…That is the Question

Every Naturalista knows Rule # 1 thou shall protect thy locks of hair when lying down to slumber. Ok so that’s easier said than done…and for a variety of reasons might I add.

I personally sleep like I am running a marathon or something, I am all over the bed and so I wake up to find the head scarf at my feet, under a pillow, on the floor, you get the drift.

Satin pillowcases are all cool and the gang but once again when you sleep like you are running a marathon…you wake up and the pillowcase is half off…#really.

Enter Doris New York Chic Satin Sleeper… and then the angels sang.

They say: Now you can go to bed guilt free, looking simply beautiful! Keep your hair full of moisture while you sleep and look chic doing it. SHOOT, "IT MAY BE TOO FLY TO SLEEP IN" Adjustable for all "HAIR SIZES" *Excellent Stocking Stuffers* Comes in 3 delicious prints; Exotic Zebra, Abstract Leaf, and DNY Signature.

I say YES, YES, YES. I have A LOT of thick curly hair and when I pineapple at night the puff is larger than most BSS scarves will accommodate. I don’t like bonnets because I wind up walking around with the tell-tale ring around my forehead for hours, and Doo Rags…umm shall we say NOT SEXY!

I love my Satin Sleeper, she and I have been having a ‘hair affair’ for several months now. My hair has grown 2 ++ inches since I got her and she quite easily adjusted to accommodate my new length.

For info on the Doris New York Satin Sleeper:


She is sleek, she looks nothing like the infamous ‘head rag’, and she will lovingly caress your locks at night so both you AND they wake up…well curlicious of course!



  1. I'm so with you! I love scarfs and this one is really nice. I have a leopard print one that I wear in different ways.

  2. I love scarfs 2!. I am going to get another Satin Sleeper to wear under my big wool and knit hats this winter. This one is so pretty I actually wore it last week tied to the side with my hair peeking out and oversized 'Jenny from the Block' hoop earrings...lol.

  3. I need one of these! I love scarves too and I have been trying to incorporate them into my style. I can see you now with your earrings, lol!