Monday, November 7, 2011

In Review: The Brooklyn Diner

You know how you have your spot…maybe it’s a lunch spot, happy hour spot, or favorite hang-out spot?
Well one of girls Thembisa S. Mshaka (author, VO Actor, Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife, & one of my besties) and I have our ‘spot’ for lunch, The Brooklyn Diner in NYC.

The Brooklyn Diner NEVER disappoints. I have never had a bad meal here, from the Turkey Burger to The Chicken Pot Pie to The Caesar Salad…ok making myself hungry but you get the picture. The food is always ‘on point’!

I had been eyeing the ‘Shelley’s Baked Macaroni & Cheese’ for well over a year and a half…the menu description reads: Fresh Tagliolini Pasta, Parmesan Cheese, Honey-Glazed Canadian Ham…but it is made with Ham and since I don’t really do ham it was a deal breaker for me…

As I sat and poured over the menu…yes poured…this curvy likes to eat…good company + good food = HEAVEN! #just sayin I wondered to myself ‘hmm let’s ask and see if it can be made without the ham’…AND THEY SAID YES!!!! Ahhhh insert harps playing and angels signing here!

My plate arrived and it was everything I wanted plus a whole lot more! The dish was a creamy, savory, not your boxed Mac N’Cheese plateful of delishhhhhousness! I have had it twice since! Yummy! This dish is curve approved.

Brooklyn Diner:

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