Monday, November 14, 2011

Natural Hair Is...Apparently TSA's Newest Security Threat

I recently returned from a business trip to Chicago and while rushing to make my departing flight I went through the TSA full body x-ray at the security checkpoint. Upon emerging from the x-ray the TSA Agent tells me she needs to search my hair...YES I HAVE been 'fro checked'!!

With the number of Naturalista's being subjected to airport TSA 'fro checks' on the rise I am wondering exactly what security risk we pose especially AFTER being scanned by a full body x-ray? Is it attack by curl??? Whaaaat?

I mean really?! I was not flagged by the TSA while entering the security screening area. My name did not pop up on some 'terrorist list or watch list'. I was dressed comfortably in jeans, sneakers, and a turtleneck. Oh! I know my massively big, beautiful curls were pulled up in my signature afro puff...silly me...that even after the full body x-ray which included my head AND hair I could still be 'packing'...a headful of beautiful, soft, well moisturized curls.

I am sorry TSA but was the full body x-ray not enough for you to see that there was NOTHING else in my hair but a goody 'ouchless' band and styling product? Must I stand there and look sheepishly around while blushing from the ridiculousness of it all while you 'pat' my afro puff down?

I went natural because I no longer wanted to allow society to dictate to me what the standard of beauty was. I went natural because I was tired of being a slave to every straightening product and tool on the market. I went natural because I am perfect (every single inch of me including my bodacious head of curls and coils) just the way I was created.

So my message to the TSA Agents is: When you allow the woman with the fair skin and naturally straight blonde hair and the African American woman with the relaxed hair and the Asian woman with the jet black straight hair go straight through security without having their hair checked you are telling me...that just because I chose to embrace my natural beauty I now pose a potential threat to security and that is so NOT OK.

I was rushing to make my plane but I was absolutely incensed. If Random hair checks apply to 'naturalista's' then they should APPLY to every head of hair across the board...kinky, curly, wavy, straight and weaved. #justsaying




  1. I'm just disgusted. Truly. Like seriously ... a full body scan and that isn't enough? What the frickin' frick??! I'm incensed and offended for you!!


  2. Shelli: I had read about it...but...never thought it would or could happen to me! #wrong I'm still incensed and still offended. I just wonder as a community what our options are?! I am not with having a stangers hands all up in my head every single time I fly.