Thursday, July 21, 2011

Musings From Our Manpert :Suge

Ladies join me as I welcome guest blogger Suge. He will be a regular guest blogger posting his thoughts on what is on the minds and in the hearts of men.


First off, let me give a big S/O to Etoile for chronicling her curvy life via blog, big up baby! I'll be the first one to say, she ain't a woman if she ain't curvy. Lol. They call me $weet $ugar $uge and I have been blessed with the opportunity to spill some of my thoughts onto her site... Some of my insight on women; give you guys a little peak into a man's mind. Let you know how this man feels about certain situations regarding our female counterparts. This is not the gospel, these are just my thoughts. You could take it how you want to...

I think an appropriate topic for my first guest blog here will be how I feel about the way women dress in the midst of this current heatwave... I know that you gotta be comfortable ladies, I dig that . But you really need to know, a real man loves a woman IN her clothes... because its hot out, doesn't mean you should come out and bare all lol. Just means you should dress accordingly. There's nothing sexier to me than to see a woman wearing clothes that fit (that means not too tight,or too big) and having those articles of clothing compliment those curvy features.

Mmmph! I don't know about other men, but I do know I have an active imagination... so my mind mixed with the classy look of a curvy gal in something comfortable yet sexy? Its like she's a dream come true by the time I'm done creating my universe in my head. You guys can be super hot without being stark naked. Its all about the confidence ladies.... love yourself first, respect yourself and let your outfits reflect the way you feel about you!

Sexy, smart, CURVY, happy, confident, independent, INVINCIBLE. Oh yea, you didn't know? You didn't know that your emotions show in what you wear? Well it does. Once you feel positive about you, comfortable with you, it will show. So don't head off to work or out thinking that you can wear next to nothing because its hot outside; make the right decision. There's plenty of comfortable options for you to choose from without wearing something that's going to make some of these crazy men disrespectful about your choices. Remember be a lady first. When you carry yourself with respect, others will respect you.

Just my words on heatwave dressing...stay cool IN clothes. I'm not speaking for everybody, I'm just speaking for me.

Ladies I love y'all!

'til next time,

$weet $ugar $uge

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