Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Curvealicious Find Of The Day - DKNY SOHO Jeans

So this is the deal. I'm a curvy girl living in my curvy world and as all curvy girls know finding jeans that fit the curves can be shall we say...A PROBLEM!

As a self professed jean-a-holic I take the denim game VERY seriously. When I find a cut of jeans I invest in several pair on the off chance that they may be discontinued. When I go jean shopping I arm myself with no less than 5 or 6 pair and head off to the dressing room...hope against hope that just MAYBE a pair of jeans and I will meet, fall in love and embark on our jeanymoon :-).

My waist is very small and my hips...very curvy.. and over the years when I have purchased jeans to fit my hips they would be perhaps 5 or more inches too big in the waist.

Well my girlfriend told me to check out the DKNY SOHO Jean and can we say EPIC SCORE! The jeans have a bit of stretch which is a match made in curvy girl heaven, come in a variety of colors and cuts and are super curve flattering. They are carried in The DKNY Store at Lane Bryant and I have also purchased them in Macy's.

DKNY SOHO Jeans...I heart You!!

Curvfriends check them out! You will not be disappointed!

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Just a Curvy Girl Living in My Self Proclaimed Curvy World!

Photo Credit: Me!

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