Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help: Does anyone have any plant fertilizer?!

So to know me is to know that I have had long hair pretty much all my life...with the exception of the day after a very bad break-up when I went and hacked my hair off and dyed it honey blonde...nothing like a break-up to have you make a major life change.

Last year I went to see my hairstylist who told me that after one too many trips to get my hair roller set, blown out, & doobie'd up and one too many uses of the flat-iron, curling iron, and blow-drier that my formerly luscious locks were FRIED.

Sigh. He suggested a cut....I ignored him and proceeded to take 18 months to grow out the creamy crack, & nurse my hair back to health. My formerly BSL hair is now just past shoulder length. I rewarded myself with a great cut and color. I am in a 12 Step program for former Heat Abusers...and on my way back to healthy hair!

I have entered the 'Grow Out Challenge' on, and for the next 6 month's I will be pampering my hair with products from Doris New York (check back for reviews), working on retaining length, and sharing my journey with other curly bella's on the road to long, strong, healthy hair.

I must confess that I have 3 hair crushes:

A. Tracey Ellis Ross...need I say more?!

B.. Curly Nikki of

Wish me luck! I will be documenting my journey here. Stay tuned for plenty of updates, photos, & more! Oh yea...the bet...tell you about that some other time but can someone please send me some plant fertilizer?!


Just a Curly Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Proclaimed Curvy World!

Photo: Me! Cut & Color By Tameeka of Christo in NYC

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