Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birkenstocks? Umm yea really.

I used to call myself a tomboy but I was recently corrected and told that 'title' did not suit me at all, you see while I prefer jeans and sneakers or jeans and boots I am by all means a 'girly girl'. I LOVE pink, pastel colors, doing my hair, pretty shades of lip gloss, getting pedicures, smelling good, blah, blah, blah...I just prefer to be 'girly girl' in jeans and sneakers, lol.

My self described style is 'fashionably comfortable', I dress not to impress others...I dress for me. Sexy for me is not wearing a skirt so tight I am afraid to sit down, or heels so high all I can do is sit down. Sexy for me is putting on a pair of jeans that fit my curves well, and a pair of shoes or sneakers that I can walk briskly in, run for the bus or train if I have to, stroll around Manhattan in, or arrive home at the end of my day with 0% foot pain.

Which brings me to my next point...

I am the queen of the ballet flat, they know me by first name in Foot Locker...so yep I do love my sneakers, and I am the proud owner of 4 pairs of Birkenstocks...and I have been wearing them for years. People tease me constantly and ask what are those 'Jesus Sandals' you have on...ok...whatever...I like to think my Birkies as I call them are fashionable and fly and yesterday someone agreed. I was riding home on the train last eve and a woman said 'excuse me but I love your sandals where did you get them?' and I replied 'Zappos, they're Birkenstocks' and she replied in a state of awe and perhaps shock 'Birkenstocks, you're kidding me?'...lol

Cute and comfy...nothing 'granola or crunchy' about me at all.

Stay cool and the phrase for the day 'fashionably comfortable.


Until Next Time,

Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World

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