Friday, July 8, 2011

Introducing!! Suge!!

I consider myself to be a supa dupa smart and savvy curvy. I am intelligent, articulate, cultured and yet one thing has baffled me my entire So as I sat furiously wracking my head to decide what info many curvy girls would find invaluable I decided some 'real talk' from a resident manpert (man + expert = manpert) fit the bill!

And so my curvefriends allow me to introduce Sweet Sugar Suge!!!

Suge a gifted MC, voice over artist, actor, hecka funny guy and all around entertainer from New Jersey will be a featured blogger on The Curvealicious Chronicles. Suge will dish on what curvy girl's wants to know...what lies within that deep dark unknown...the heads and hearts of men.

Be sure to check Suge out on: @sweetsugarsuge

And of course on The Curvealicious Chronicles!

Until Next Time,


Just a Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World!!

Photo Credit: Rowena Husbands, Blink of An Eye Photography

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