Monday, September 12, 2011

I Had a Date This Weekend...With MY HAIR CRUSH!

Saturday morning I woke up filled with anticipation...

I had a lunch date scheduled with my hair crush...

Shelli of Hairscapades!!!!

The first thing I did was take off my silk scarf, take my hair down from the pineapple and assess the 'do' from all's date was all about HAIR! How do you go on a date with your hair crush with wack hair?! #iamjustsaying.

Soon the time arrived to leave my house, I could have put on a burlap sack for all I cared but my hair just had to be right.

My signature style is a bun, or a wng pulled up into a high puff. I very rarely wear it out for fear of the dreaded ssk's. But Saturday I let the warm mist from the shower hit my hair, moisturized with a few spritzes of my kimmaytube LIC and voila one very coily BAA!! Thank you hair Gods!

I had just stepped inside of the restaurant to request a table when a vision of long glorious hair floated by...there she was Ms. and in person.

We hugged, she is one of those people that you feel like you have known your entire life. We chatted...HAIR of course. She is as sweet, kind, and genuine in person as she is on her blog. I like everything about this lady and I feel incredibly blessed to have met her. I subscribe to the theory that you can never have too many good people in your life.

We are going to be hanging out together this coming Thursday at The Sofistafunk Fall Fashion Week event showing you all 'How We Funk' stay tuned for photos at the end of the week.

Check Shelli out here:

Have a wonderful day!

Until Next Time,

Just a Curvy Girl Living in her Self Professed Curvy World


  1. Thanks for sharing a great post! She seems like she's the best. I have only been on her blog since the GOC for naturally curly ended. I must the way you describe her is the way I picutre her. Through all the blog site I go on, she is the only one that I feel keeps it real, and when I say real, just down to Earth. I find that when I'm telling other people about her site and advice I catch myself saying "my friend said" (She is like a friend in my head) LOL. Hopefully we will blessed to all get to meet one day.

  2. I felt like I was sitting down with an old girlfriend the second we met. She is the sweetest woman ever. I had such anxiety, she is my hair crush...she is 'babydoll sweet' and immediately put me at ease. I hope that she is able to have a meet-up soon, I keep hearing rumblings that Nikki will be having one next month if so hopefully we can all meet there. I love the community of naturalista's that Shelli is building, I am proud to be a part of it and share my journey with each one of you beautiful ladies. Hope to meet you soon. Etoile.

  3. You guys are the best. Seriously, the BEST. I teared up a little reading this because I think of and call you all my friends too!!! I can't wait until we do a meet-up and will work on getting that together soon! I feel truly blessed to have met so many wonderful women through this vehicle called natural hair blogging! Thank you for your friendships, encouragement and support ... we will meet soon!!

    <3 <3 <3