Monday, September 12, 2011

BlueDini: BlueDini: 7 Days of Fabulous, Fashionable Beauty Tips

On the Fifth Day of Fashion Asha Tanielle Said to Me...

Add a pop of color for a little extra flair! Try some blue or green eyeliner instead of black, or opt for a lipstick or gloss with more color if you tend to wear nudes. If you are afraid to branch out, stop by a department store makeup counter to try the new look out first.

Happy hue hunting!
Photographer: G. Haygood

Written By: Asha Tanielle

Make-Up By: Asha Tanielle
Twitter: @asha_tanielle
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  1. this is a great tip. I've actually used purple eyeliner pretty successfuly. Now, I gotta try green some day :-)

  2. I must admit to being stuck in the black/brown rut...adventurous is smoky grey...I need to try more color...