Sunday, September 11, 2011

FNO'ing in NYC

It was 6PM and I was wrapping up my stomach was filled with know the kind you get before that first date with that REALLY cute boy who you REALLY like?!

It was my first Fashion Night Out!!!

I was a virgin and I was prepared to lose my FNO virginity that hot, muggy, cloudy night.

I was set to hang with my crew. We'd contemplated canceling all day long, when I left the house it was pouring, and had been pouring for 2 days. Who wants to walk around nyc and shop in the pouring rain? Ummm yea not so much. But as the weather cleared we decided we would forge ahead. We were set to rendezvous in Tribeca at the oh so sexy Tribeca Grand Hotel and go from there.

First Up Tracy Reese.

As we entered the door we were greeted with a glass of wine...great way to start the party with a nice cold adult beverage. Note to self, make sure Tracy Reese is on the itinerary next year. DJ Tyger Lily a hot female DJ was spinning in the front of the store, if you don't know who she is be sure to check her out AND they were inviting guests to dance in the store windows. Sorry no pics of that...that would be considered incriminating evidence ;-).

Next on our itinerary Alexander Wang and Vivienne Tam. Both cool but NOTHING compared to Tracy Reese.

Next we prepared to hit the highlight of the eve...The ShopBop Lounge where my client Alex Young was scheduled to be interviewed by famed fashion journalist Louise Roe. The tent was right in the middle of the Street on 13th & 9th, Alex did an amazing job. She is so poised and elegant oh and did I mention she did it all while walking in 6" heels...yea I know.

The party continued for a bit we stopped at the Pop Chips Carnival on 14th St, had Tacos at The Gap Taco Truck AND got $20 off gift certificates, Stopped by DVF, and then went to go have a real meal at Merchants NYC.

So next time:

1. I will wear ballet flats or sneakers. Don't ask...

2. I will build my itinerary so I can move around on foot, trying to drive was a gridlock nightmare.

3. I will set a budget in advance.

4. I will make plans with my 'crew'...we had a ball!

Photo Credit: Sweet Sugar Suge aka The Curvealicious Chronicles 'Manpert'

Photo: Etoile & Arlinda FNO'ing

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Just a Curvy Girl Living In Her Self Professed Curvy World

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  1. Ahhh we didn't hit any of the same spots! It def. was muggy too.

    I did so much though and had on flip flops :-) I brought shoes with me though just in case it rained.

    I did a bunch of posts on my blog updating as well. So much that I was unable to do them all in one posts. stop by when you can. I did a number of videos and pics.