Friday, September 23, 2011

Complexion...Really? It's 2011...

Will the conversation ever end??? I read a post the other day entitled A Letter to Ya'll... Can I Be Really Honest? on one of my favorites blogs 'A Curls BF' and it struck a cord.
Recently I was told by a woman of color 'well you're not really black' ...
WOW!! Yep she said that.

I have a fair complexion. I have been called 'light skin, red bone, yellow, high yellow, light skinded' (not even a word) you name it. I have been told that I have 'good hair' and 'you must have Indian in you.'

In this day and age I do not know why we are still on skin tone and hair texture...and what is with the bias?!

What I AM is a beautiful bella. I have a head full of coils, kinks and curls, voluptuous hips, a wide nose and thin lips. I celebrate who I am and from where I have come...but most importantly I celebrate me.

My black is beautiful and whatever you are YOU are beautiful too.

OK Friday rant over! Have a great weekend!

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Just A Curvy Girl Living in Her Self Professed Curvy World


Etoile (left), Aunt Pat (right)

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