Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Confessions of a PJ: Product Review Doris New York Leave In Conditioner

What They Say: Protection On The Go!

Yes it works! Finally a leave in conditioner that actually protects your hair and repairs split ends. After your shampooing and conditioning process, apply leave in conditioner generously to your hair. Massage throughout and style as desired. Again, the added moisture protects from sun damage, toxins and chemical processing but does not leave hair feeling oily or flat. Hate those split end fly aways? Well, our Leave In Conditioner will keep them tame while helping to repair the problem. Excellent for our natural girls!!! Try the Leave In Conditioner with the Olive Oil Hair Cream for a fabulous two strand twist! It's all you need! Check out our testimony section for a "how to" video demonstration of the two strand twist style! IT’S A LEAVE IN YOU WON’T WANT TO LEAVE OUT! 8 fl oz.

What I Say: LOVE!!!

I Live in the North East home of Afro Inducing Humidity...umm need I say more?! So I put this leave in through the ultimate test, let's see how you keep my curls defined through July, August & September...

I was impressed.

I apply the leave in to soaking wet hair in sections. I use a wide tooth comb and comb thru ea section 1-2 times and then scrunch the curls in ea section. This leave in Conditioner has a really nice creamy consistency. A little goes a long way. It adds moisture AND works well to refresh my 2nd/3rd day coils and curls.

Last week on location at a shoot a PA came over and asked if she could touch my hair because it looked so soft and shiny. I get that EVERYWHERE I go!

It has taken me some time but with Doris New York I have fallen IN LOVE with my curls!



  1. awww shucks now. You make me want to try this. I just bought a Leave in curl enhancer by Zuresh though. Can't wait to try it

  2. Hmm Zuresh? Do tell...and don't spare a detail. I think my PJ'ism is finally under control. Two Holy Grail Products for me now are the DNY LIC and the DNY Olive Oil Hair Cream.