Thursday, October 6, 2011

On the Couch with Winsome Sinclair

What is your name & What do you do?

My name is Winsome Sinclair & I am a Casting Director/Producer? Entrepreneur

When did you 'love affair' with film begin?
I have always loved film..I think the first grown up film I remember loving was LOVE STORY with Ryan O'Neal & Ali Mcgraw However My love affair with film took hold in 12th grade when I took a film study class with Mr. Flaherty... He taught us how to love & analyze films

How long have you been working in the film industry? Since September of 1989.. SO I just passed my 22nd Anniversary

Tell us about your lifestyle brand Breezes and the philosophy behind it?
Hmm BREEZES as a lifestyle is something that was conceptualized based on us truly loving the life we live... I come from a family that loves a great conversation...And loves to Enjoy life.. We were raised a certain way and we take that every where we go.. Even in terms of how and who we do business with other people. I think one of the greatest compliments I ever got from a colleague that knew me and some of my siblings is that when you meet a Sinclair you meet all the Sinclairs you know it when we walk in the room....This makes my parents proud..

What has been your career high-light to date?
Hmmm Its been a really great run thus far and I have many moments I remember fondly... I loved doing MO BETTER BLUES.. My intro to this industry.. I really loved doing MALCOLM X and working with Forrest Whitaker & Whitney Houston on WAITING TO EXHALE also working with Hype Williams on his Debut feature BELLY , with Speilberg on AMISTAD.. I loved meeting Oliver Stone and working with Lee Daniels on PRECIOUS...I loved being invited back to my Alma Mater ( Florida A & M University ) to speak. I am excited to be working on the remake of SPARKLE now with Whitney Houston and TD Jakes...And the list just keeps on. It is not lost on me how VERY Blessed I have been

What was your big break?
My big Break was getting an internship on the set of MO BETTER BLUES.

What are your goals and aspirations?
Goals & Aspirations are to continue to do the kind of work and be aligned with the kind of projects that will make my grand children proud.. I also look forward to collaborating with people of like minds & sensibilities to create the kind of product & projects that will have an impact on this industry and the way we do business... You see I am clear that my ministry is in Entertainment. This is where GOD sent me and this is where for 22 years he has continued to use me to do his work... I really do LOVE my JOB!!!

What should every woman know about pursuing her dreams?
Stay focused , Remain Humble but also KNOW your WORTH... Put GOD 1st in all your decision making. HE will never steer you wrong

What is next for Winsome?

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