Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BlueDini: Halloween Make-Up Tips!

Halloween Makeup Tips

Here are some fun ways to take your every day makeup and make it funky and fun for Halloween.

Go Black- Take a black eyeliner pencil and color in your lips. Add a dab of your favorite gloss for moisture and shine and pow.... You look like a more mysterious version of yourself!

Wing it out- Take your favorite eyeliner and extend and thicken it on the top lid to give your eyes a dramatic cat- like appearance. Draw on some whiskers and blacken the tip of your nose for added drama and fun!

Lash Out- Take this fun holiday to experiment with funky, trendy false lashes. There are tons of varieties sold at local drug and convenience stores such as feathers, glitter and bright bold colors... Happy lash hunting!

Picture It- If you are having a hard time choosing makeup that goes along with your costume, do an Internet search of similar looks and try them ahead of time. That way you will have it perfected for your big costume party.

If you have a costume party or event coming up and want to hire a professional makeup artist, send an email to with your event date, time and location you will be getting ready.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Makeup by Asha Tanielle
Facebook: Faces by Asha Tanielle
Twitter: Asha_Tanielle

Just one word #FIERCE...


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