Thursday, April 19, 2012

Restaurant Review: Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar

Ummm Hmmmm Wine AND Burgers…that’s EXACTLY what I said!!!!!

In case you have not noticed I'm a foodie. I love to cook, I love to try new restaurants and I love to eat...

While on a recent retail therapy mission at The Promenade Shops in Clifton, NJ my friends Blair, Linda & I decided to dine at Zinburger and let's just say I was NOT disappointed!

The decor is sleek and modern with a very ‘zen’ feel.  The staff is informative, warm, and friendly. As I scanned the menu my taste bud's started to gently hum the happy song tome...I hadn't eaten all day and everything on the menu looked so good! Sensory overload. Thank goodness I did not have to think too hard...Blair and Linda had both dined there previously #clearsthroat  #raisesbotheyebrows...WITHOUT me...but that's a 'whole other story' and told me hands down to order the Turkey Sloppy Joe.

Menu Description
Turkey Sloppy Joe $9
Roasted Poblano Peppers & Pepper jack Cheese

Etoile’s Description
A plate full of #yumminess. Seriously one of the best SloppyJoe’s that I can ever remember eating!! The combination of sauce, peppers and cheese were beyond flavorful. I also indulged in the hand cut fries…what’s a burger without fries #justsayin. This was one of the most delicious meals that I’ve had of late…so much so that I have wanted to go back EVERYDAY since then…I’ll be there tomorrow nite!

For more info:

Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar the place where Yin met Yang and I fell in food love.

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