Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Review: N-Diya Sweet Surrender Honey Body Wash

I was recently introduced to Safiya the proprietress and chief mixtress of N-Diya. N-Diya is an all natural bath and body store that is located at 449 Nostrand Avenue btw. Halsey & Hancock in the Bedsty section of Brooklyn...and is truly an urban oasis.

Safiya makes the most incredible all natural body and hair products and as her tag line states they are made so that one can ‘Nurture Yourself Naturally.'  Safiya ‘gifted’ me with a bag of samples and I must say that her products are truly my new #ish. It feels good to take care of yourself from head to toe with quality all natural ingredients that are not only good for you but that make you feel and smell incredible.

During my transition to natural I discovered firsthand the benefits of honey as a moisturizing ingredient for hair, I add a dollop of honey to my condish and deep condish whenever my tresses start to feel a bit parched and voila moisture is restored. Armed with this knowledge I was amped to try her Honey Body Wash.

They Say:
These shower gels are scented for an aromatic experience to indulge your senses and loaded with honey to moisturize and soften your skin. The use of Honey dates back to 3000 BC. It was recorded that people of ancient Egypt used honey as medicine, applying it to scrapes and cuts to increase healing, as well as to prevent bacteria. Cleopatra bath in honey and her beauty is still being talked about today. Honey is a powerful natural humectant (moisturizer). Its ability to attract and retain moisture and rebuild the moisture level in the skin without making it oil is astounding.

Note From Safiya: I can't tell you how much I love Honey. It is my absolute favorite ingredient. As someone who has eczema, I thought my skin would never be soft and supple. However, my special formulation which includes this awesome ingredient has changed all that! Please enjoy !

I Say: #loveit! I live in the North East and the cold harsh winter elements usually leave me with dry and yes I’ll cop to it…#ashy skin…not this winter…my skin remained soft, supple, and moisturized from November until now.

If you live in the NYC area stop in and visit Safiya, her products are AMAZING AND she also offers spa services!!!

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