Sunday, July 29, 2012

I've Been Jaded!

And I am NEVER going back (to my other stylist)...Tameeka McNeil Johnson aka "The Curl Whisperer" is #thetruthdotcom.

I've had obnoxiously big curly, oftentimes frizzy hair my entire life but I never knew the beauty that my curls could be until the first time I sat in her chair. She taught me the technique for applying product so that every kink, coil, and curl on my head POPS! The best signature WNG lasts a week! 

One year ago this month my hair affair started and unlike other hair stylists I have not been able to cheat on her. I went in recently to have my base color and highlights touched up, time for these coils to come alive with a very subtle 'sun kissed' hue. 

One of the things that I love most about Tameeka is that she LISTENS shes does not do what she wants to do to your hair, she does what YOU want done to your hair. Having said that she also manages expectations extremely well and tells you the truth about how what you want will look on your head. Remember no two heads of curly hair are the same! 

My hair is in heaven and so Tameeka and I are forever bound in Hair and Hair Stylist Matrimony! 

For more info on Tameeka: 

Coming next week: My Review of Blended Beauty Curl Styling Buttercream...My HOLY GRAIL styler for over six months now!


  1. I was jaded about a month ago. Love my cut!

  2. I LOVE me some Tameeka, she is #thetruth

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  4. I'm confused, the sub title says "And I am NEVER going back Tameeka McNeil Johnson aka "The Curl Whisperer" is #thetruthdotcom." Is she good or bad?

  5. Hi Rachel:

    She is amazing! I started transitioning in 2010. Cut off relaxed ends in 2011 and my hair is now waist length. I love her & have not let anyone else touch my hair since I started seeing her. Let me know if you have any other questions.